Cognitive Tools and Spiritual Techniques for Happiness, Well-Being, and Material Success

Journey of Self-Discovery and Creative Expression

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Pre-Med. After graduating from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1977, I took an 18-year hiatus from medicine.

During that time I engaged in an odyssey of self-discovery and creative self-expression, which included publishing the Tucson Times (an entertainment and arts weekly), writing screenplays, performing stand-up comedy, producing Poor Walter’s Almanac (a weekly satiric social-political commentary TV show on cable access), and appearing four times on the ROSEANNE TV series.

Following my return to medicine in 1995, I graduated from the UCLA / San Fernando Valley Psychiatry Residency Program, became a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, and have been in private practice in the Los Angeles area since 1999.

My training at the UCLA / San Fernando Valley Psychiatry Residency Program provided me with a wealth of skills. Their psychopharmacology program enabled me to assess and treat biological and chemical imbalances that contribute to anxiety, depression and other psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Walter Jacobson

Their psychotherapy program taught me a variety of therapeutic techniques, including dynamic insight-oriented therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, short-term therapy, interpersonal therapy, couples therapy and family systems therapy, many of which I integrate into my treatment approach once I formulate a client’s problems, weaknesses and strengths.

One of my unique therapeutic skills involves Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, which I learned by taking courses offered by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA). I am also a motivational, self-empowerment speaker, guiding people towards the fulfillment of their goals and dreams.

How do you start to write about a man who truly changed my life?

“I went to see Dr. Jacobson after I developed panic disorder. He helped me to build a shield of self-esteem that would protect me from the turmoil of my life at that time. I saw him for less than a year and was completely transformed. I was strong, independent, fulfilled and free from panic. Keep Dr. Jacobson in mind when you finally decide you’ve had enough and need help.” -Ana K.

Dr. Jacobson is truly a life and relationship saver.

“I love Dr Jacobson’s outlook on life and his shining and happy soul. Unlike other psychiatrists he doesn’t just sit there and nod his head while you talk. He listens, hears and gives you tools that open up your mind to an entirely different level of understanding and thought processing. I cannot recommend Dr. Jacobson highly enough.” – Cindy K.

“He is kind, decent and, most of all, smart.”

“Dr Jacobson is a dedicated and thoughtful professional, who looks constantly to new innovations in patient-centered care. He is kind, decent and, most of all, smart.” – Daniel Fast, M.D., Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst, Private Practice

Treats patients with the utmost dignity and compassion.

“He is a superb psychiatrist, a good listener, a candid and insightful speaker, and he treats his patients with utmost dignity and compassion. Highly Recommended. Top Rating.” – Margaret Ferrante, MD

One of the best Psychiatrists in the United States!

“Dr. Jacobson is by far, hands down, one of the best Psychiatrists in the United States! His care, concern, and guidance give his patients encouragement and hope even in the midst of severe mental conditions. He stands heads and shoulders above many in his field for he is always on the cutting edge of what helps people become happier.” – Aymee Coget, Ph.D

Really works

“Dr. J. Thank you! I put into practice what I learned from you. Life coaching really works!!” – Cynthia R.