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Einsteins Cosmic Journey

 Einsteins Cosmic Journey

Albert Einstein, 76 years old, frustrated and near death, having obsessively attempted and failed for 40 years to discover a Unified Field Theory, and filled with guilt and remorse over personal choices he made in his life, invents a device which folds time and space, bringing him face to face with his 40 year old self, who, along with psychoanalyst Carl Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli, helps him to resolve his conflicts and solve the mathematical puzzle that has been plaguing him for decades.

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If you LIKE "Fiction based on Fact"...then you'll LOVE Einstein's Cosmic Journey!
Walter's book takes Albert Einstein out of the realm of staid biographies and "quotes by the famous" into a an exciting page-turning adventure with a flesh-and-blood character you will bond with. An EXCELLENT Read! ~ Ruben James

I finished EINSTEIN'S COSMIC JOURNEY by Walter Jacobson a few days ago and I must tell you that I don't remember when I've enjoyed a book more. It was soooo good! The ending was kind of sad but also powerful. I loved the way the author humanized Einstein as well as his wives. He made the experience of Einstein's search for the UNIFIED FIELD THEORY involving and interesting to read, page by page. The transition from Einstein's 76 year-old self to his 40 year-old self, back and forth, was pretty clear and thought-provoking. Time travel, etc. ... who wouldn't want to meet his/her younger self and resolve issues. Sign me up! ~ Sharon Karp