Cognitive Tools and Spiritual Techniques for Happiness, Well-Being, and Material Success

One of the Top Self-Help Authors in Los Angeles

Dr. Walter E. Jacobson is easily one of the top self-help authors throughout Los Angeles and the country. As the author of the Best Books Awards finalist Forgive to Win! Dr. Jacobson believes in providing his hard-won life knowledge to the public. He wrote Forgive to Win! to help people achieve the success, happiness, and physical well-being that has eluded them despite all the self-help techniques they may have previously tried. Dr. Jacobson has also written Einstein’s Cosmic Journey and BAZO, an illustrated children’s book about love and letting go.

Dr. Jacobson aims to outline his approach through his writing, as well as in his inspirational speaking engagements, videos, and therapy practice. In Forgive to Win!, he outlines a structured program called the Forgiveness Diet that teaches ways to eliminate guilt, shame, and self-loathing. The key component: to esteem and forgive oneself by esteeming and forgiving others.


Best-Selling Books on Forgiveness

Dr. Walter Jacobson, one of the top self-help authors, has written one of the best-selling books on forgiveness because forgiveness is integral to his teachings. Forgive to Win! details an approach that involves practicing a daily regimen of thoughts, actions, and exercises devoted to accepting, forgiving, and being of service to others.

Through this practice, Dr. Jacobson knows that self-esteem will increase, self-sabotaging behaviors will decrease, and there will be opportunities for more positive outcomes in all realms of one’s life. Learn more about Dr. Jacobson’s books and other teachings through his YouTube video series or contact him today regarding any questions.