Cognitive Tools and Spiritual Techniques for Happiness, Well-Being, and Material Success

An Inspirational Speaker for Events in Los Angeles and Beyond

Dr. Walter E. Jacobson provides dynamic motivational and inspirational speaking in Los Angeles and throughout the country. In addition to his psychiatry practice and best-selling books, Dr. Jacobson is also a public speaker. The cognitive techniques and spiritual guidance that he shares within his talks have proven to be effective. That’s because Dr. Jacobson speaks about the same principles that he shares within his therapy, books, and videos.


Our Motivational Speaking Topics

Dr. Walter Jacobson is a passionate and articulate inspirational speaker who has a series of motivational speeches available. The motivational speaking topics are:

Speaker Topic #1: Mastery of Life—Forgive to Win!

This is an excellent topic for any group that wants an inspirational, motivational talk about change, growth, and prosperity. Based on Dr. Jacobson’s popular book, Forgive To Win!, this talk provides spiritual techniques and cognitive tools for building self-esteem and ending self-sabotaging behaviors that get in the way of one’s happiness, physical well-being, and material success.

Speaker Topic #2: Emotional Wellness—How to Be Your Own Therapist

This is an excellent topic for any group of people that wants to learn tools to take control of their lives. This talk will instruct on how to regulate one’s emotions, manage one’s anxieties, control one’s impulses, and manage one’s stress.

Speaker Topic #3: Successful Relationships—What’s Effective Communication Got to Do with It?

This is an excellent topic for any group that wants to learn effective communication techniques that are guaranteed to improve all relationships. This talk explores the thoughtless, selfish, and abusive ways people often treat each other, alternative ways to look at relationship problems, and effective forms of communication to repair damaged relationships and make all relationships more satisfying.

Speaker Topic #4: An Introduction to A Course in Miracles

This is an excellent topic for any group that wants to learn more about a unique spiritual self-help program. This talk provides an overview of A Course in Miracles, which teaches people how to replace fear, judgment, and attack thoughts with love, acceptance, and forgiveness so you can attain lasting joy and inner peace regardless of the circumstances of one’s life.

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