Forgive to Win!



End self-sabotage!

Create the life you want!

This USA Best Book Award Finalist teaches people that through acceptance, forgiveness, love, and being of service to others we eliminate self-sabotage and mobilize our subconscious mind to attract positive, synergistic people and circumstances for our self-fulfillment.

“No matter your beliefs or self-help skills, this book is for you! You will enjoy this easy yet profound read that can change your life!”

- Anne Merkel, Ph.D. – Energy Therapist, EFT Coach

“I have done healing work for years and have found Forgive to Win! holds the key to unlimited success and an abundant life. I highly recommend it.”

- Ken D. Foster, Founder, Premier Coaching

“Forgive to Win! is a powerful book that will transform you and those around you.Thanks to Dr. Jacobson for giving the world the cure for self-sabotage and the key to attracting lasting success.”

- Ron Stebelton, Eagle Leadership Consulting

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Who Should Change In A Relationship?

+-*Oftentimes we insist that the other person needs to change in order for the relationship to survive. Sometimes that is very much the case. But sometimes it’s possible for us to accept, overlook, tolerate imperfections and annoyances when we put our ego aside and remember the love which is at the foundation of the relationship.

How To Treat Social Anxiety

+-*The treatment for social anxiety includes behavioral desensitization techniques as well as cognitive therapy techniques. Together, with practice and persistence, this condition can be managed effectively without medications.

If You’re Depressed or Anxious, Avoid Making Matters Worse

+-*When we’re depressed and/or anxious we’re usually not thinking clearly, we make mistakes, forget important things, have accidents. Best we pay closer attention to detail despite our disabling circumstances.

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