Why Wait Any Longer For Your Life To Begin? – Day 74 Forgiveness Diet Mentoring

Why sit around waiting for something to happen that you can react to? Why not make something happen and then react to the reactions that your actions generate? As Bob Dylan once wrote, “Why wait any longer for your world to begin? You can have your cake and eat it too.”


One thought on “Why Wait Any Longer For Your Life To Begin? – Day 74 Forgiveness Diet Mentoring

  1. Lorrie Hull Smithers

    Do you accept Individual Anthem insurance (my grandsons) or Cigna (my sons)/
    Also, how long did you train with Dr. Brian Weiss? We are followers of him, and some-
    how he started following our website (Dianne and Lorrie Hull) on the youtube page of
    http://www.methodactingclassesla.com He subscribed. Dianne is the mother of Brendan Gillespie, (my grandson) , who is currently
    with Dr. Pack in Westwood, a psychiatrist (has tried many medictions, and is now on a
    medication plus valium) and also for 10 years has gone to Sue ?, a therapist near Westwood.

    We all want Past Life Regression Theray, but will start with Brendan and/ or me (83) before
    Don Hull flies to our area for this therapy also. He lives in New Orleans, and gave the Weiss
    book to us. As I have told you in other messages, I have ordered 3 copies of your book. Can
    you answer the above to my website: lorriehull@yahoo.com ? thanks-as I get up a different place on the internet whenever I insert your name, and I may not be able to get to this again.

    Brendan has anxiety and stress and ups and downs. He graduates this spring from Cal Arts
    where his talent as a composer has been recognized, and is now busy filling forms and
    getting scores ready for applying for grad workas a composer. He has low self esteem, and
    afraid to deal with peole or make friends. However, lately he has been friends with some
    of our acting students from the U.K. and taken one of the girls out, but was told she may not’want
    to get serious with him- as he wants, –he goes into deep depressions often, so if this happens=, hope
    he can get to you as soon as possible after his Grad deadlines of material in by Dec. 1. Type in haste.

    Last question___Will you be taking clients during the Christmas holiday-for us Dec. 23-Jan. 26? There is one car that goes to Cal Arts when Brendan has classes, and I need rides
    to and from Santa Barbara, as do not drive on the freeways.
    oops–just had an e-mail from Don saying you have only been doing Past Life Regression
    Therapy for a year. Is this true?? Do not know where he read this!!
    thank you so much if you will deal with our family’s questions. Lorrie Hull Smithers, Ph.D.


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