How To Forgive

Many of us have difficulty forgiving others. On one hand, we know it’s the right thing to do. On the other hand, we resist. We have been hurt and we’re angry and we believe that forgiveness would send the message that we are weak or that we are letting our victimizer off the hook. Neither is true. Point being: When we have difficulty forgiving others, there are perspectives we can take and things we can tell ourselves that will make it easier to forgive.

2 thoughts on “How To Forgive

  1. Karl Devenport

    I enjoy listening to your consistent message. Wondering about where the “radio show” is. Might summon the courage to call in if I knew where/when you were on the air.


    1. Walter E. Jacobson

      thanks for your comment, karl. i do wish you would call in during one of my live blogtalk radio shows. if you do have any questions about relationships, how to handle particular situations, cognitive tools, spiritual tools, forgiveness, etc…. i can be of great help one on one…. if you go to my blogtalk radio page: and “follow” then you will get informed about upcoming shows or you can go to that page periodically and see when the next upcoming show is scheduled. i am trying to come up with a consistent day and time. i’ve been doing sundays… i believe this next sunday there will be a show at 6, 7 or 8 pm, haven’t decided yet.


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