Want Our World To Heal? It Starts With You!

Regardless of how powerless we feel about the chaos, the confusion, the anger, the negativity, the fear, the violence, etc. that defines our world right now, there is something that we can do to pave a path towards national and international peace: practice principles of honor, integrity, compassion, empathy, generosity, and forgiveness as much as you can from wherever you are. All minds are joined and every thought we have that is peaceful and loving has an effect on the collective unconscious and moves all of us out of the darkness and towards the Light.

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Walter informs his clients how to neutralize their negative thinking, how to eliminate fear thoughts and catastrophic thinking, how to regulate their emotions and anxieties so they don't make thoughtless, reckless, impulsive decisions, and how to effectively communicate in order to get their needs met.

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Walter E Jacobson MD  @walterdoc
Do You Worry So Much At Night That You Can't Sleep? Personal Growth Tip: https://t.co/y5IafJ6295 via @YouTube 

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