The Science Of Love: 3 Proven Ways To Keep Your Relationship Fresh


Researchers have proven that love is tied to science. Although we like to describe the emotion as a pitter-patter of the heart, scientists at Emory University in Atlanta have shown that our brains go through a biochemical chain of events when we fall in love. Therefore, we can use science when we start to fall out of love. If you’re looking to bring back the spark or the passion in your relationship, take some advice from scientists and consider one of these scientifically proven suggestions.


Although scientists don’t believe in love at first sight, your eyes have a lot to do with love and fatal attraction. According to positive psychologist Barbara Frederickson, making eye contact produces neural synchrony which releases oxytocin and creates a fantastic burst of happy emotions. Therefore, if you simply maintain eye contact as you’re talking with your partner, or gaze into each other;s eyes before going to bed, you’ll stir up a slew of positive feelings.


Sleeping naked is a wonderful way to show your partner that you’re extremely comfortable with them. According to psychologists, sleeping in the nude can help you and your companion become more engaged with each other and show your love without words. If you don’t like sleeping naked, you can also join your partner in just your underwear. Doing this once or twice a week can build up the tension between the two of you and recapture the emotions of when you first met.


Our brains tend to shut out repetitive stimulation. This is why we constantly get bored and why it’s hard for some people to commit to a long-term relationship. We physically need changing stimuli to keep our brains interested and ultimately stay engaged with our partners. Therefore, you should try new things together or surprise your companion with an out-of-the-blue gift. This will release dopamine in your brains and increase the sensations that contribute to pleasure and happy emotions. Embrace your brain’s chemicals and use it to your advantage.

We like to think of love as an almighty emotion. However, just like any of our feelings, it is ultimately tied to our brain and chemical activities. If you want to keep your relationship fresh, then all you have to do is listen to your heart as you find ways to strengthen your bond.

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