Doing A Geographic vs The Power of Positive Action To Achieve Success

“Doing a geographic” is an expression that I believe originated in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous to describe what many alcoholics and addicts do when their lives have become unmanageable.

Rather than address the core problem which is their alcohol or drug addiction, they blame the people around them who don’t understand them, they blame unfortunate circumstances that befall them, they blame their parents, they blame bad luck, they blame God. They blame everyone and everything except themselves.

They define the problem outside of themselves and therefore they never find the solution. They think that, “If I move to another city and start over with a new job and new friends and a fresh start, my life will work and everything will get better.”

It never does. It’s a con. The alcoholic or addict will never get better and their lives will never work for them the way they’d like until they address the real problem rather than see it outside of themselves.

This is true for everyone, not just alcoholics and addicts. Most of us are blind to the source of our problems and blame other people and other things for the difficulties in our lives rather than recognizing the ways in which we are sabotaging ourselves and forever depriving ourselves of happiness and prosperity.

No matter where you go, there you are.

When we do a geographic by moving to another city to start our lives over again, we take our problems with us. And sooner or later they manifest themselves in our new job, our new friends, and our new significant other relationships.

Doing a geographic isn’t just about moving to another city. We do geographics all the time when we’re unhappy with our present circumstances and want to perceive ourselves as victims of an angry, unfair world.

We’re doing a geographic when we think that getting a different job will fix things, or that making more money will fix things, or that making new friends will fix things, or that getting involved in a different primary relationship will fix things, or that getting married will fix things, or that having a baby will fix things.

Our lives will never become manageable until we recognize their source: ourselves, our own internal conflicts and confusions, our judgments, our resentments, our anger, our self-entitlement, our selfishness, our unforgiveness, our ego and our fear.

Nothing gets fixed until we decide to fix ourselves.

Nothing gets fixed until we are willing to take responsibility for the wreckage in our lives. Nothing gets fixed until we choose to get our own house in order. Nothing gets fixed until we make the commitment to heal ourselves, to change the way we think, the way we perceive the world, and the way we transact in the world.

So what is it that we need to do to make our world work for us rather than against us, and to enable us to end our self-sabotage and manifest the life we desire?

  • Best we let go of our harsh judgments and attack thoughts.
  • Best we accept each other and forgive each other our transgressions.
  • Best we turn the other cheek.
  • Best we be of service to others.
  • Best we be gracious and generous.
  • Best we treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • Best we “Love ye one another.”

Do these few things consistently and wholeheartedly, and watch the miracles of joy and abundance blossom and unfold before you.


0 thoughts on “Doing A Geographic vs The Power of Positive Action To Achieve Success

  1. Cindy

    What a powerful and truthful article! Going to re-read it a number of times and keep it by my bed side! A whole new world opens up when you find out you have the power to re-relearn.

    1. Walter E. Jacobson

      Thanks for your comment, Cindy. Indeed, there are some basic truths that, when put into daily practice, can heal our broken hearts and restore sanity on the planet.

  2. Cristina

    Walter…like a philosophy for life…You made me see, clearly, what I have done many, many times…moved from one place to another and the result has been the same…the pain has moved with me…like my shadow….Yes I liked your words and more…I will read your book as soon as I buy it, and I will follow you…Thanks!!


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