Pay Attention. Haste Makes Waste

Oftentimes we are too busy to read instructions and directions. Or if we do read them we don’t read them carefully. Either scenario can lead to mistakes, a huge waste of time and money, and perhaps a catastrophic outcome if the directions were related to the use of a medication or the assembly of a mechanical/electrical product. We are oftentimes our own worst enemy, capable of avoiding mishaps by putting more time, attention and good judgment into our choices.

One thought on “Pay Attention. Haste Makes Waste

  1. Sharon Karp

    All that you said is so true. I find that people, as a rule, do NOT pay attention and do not listen. I can’t tell you the number of times in a restaurant where we’ve gotten the wrong food because the waiter or waitress wasn’t paying attention. They weren’t listening. In general conversation so many times I find myself saying, “That’s NOT what I said.” The other person wasn’t listening or processing what I was talking about. When I was putting into poetry subjects that a group of us were talking about and I would get every nuance and every comment made down perfectly, one of the women said to me, “Sharon, you listen!” That put everything into perspective.

    As far as prescriptions go, I don’t take medication but the times when I’ve had to, I noticed that doctors ramble off what to do but really don’t want to be questioned further. Wanting to make sure I took the directions in the prescription correctly, I would
    then ask the pharmacist in detail all the questions regarding the medication so that I wouldn’t make a mistake. Often, because I was persistent, I would have to really keep questioning until I was satisfied that I’d gotten the doses correctly.

    Driving directions — again, I would have to keep at it and repeat the directions to make sure that I’d gotten them right. Most people, I’ve noticed, tend to say things once and quickly and aren’t as receptive to repeating. Putting things in the same place like car keys or house keys, etc. can have its own place consistently so that there’s no searching aimlessly. However, as far as other things during the course of a day, sometimes we do things subconsciously, we get distracted and because we’re doing so many different things within a day, we do tend to place items somewhere and then can’t remember where they are only because we’re doing so many things at one time. I really try to focus on where I put things down and sometimes it works, sometimes not. But the bottom line is that for the most part, we need to be mindful of our surroundings and what others are saying so that we don’t fall into the trap of not knowing what’s going on because we’re not paying attention.

    How nice it would be if others followed suit and LISTENED!!!


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