2 thoughts on “Parents – Stop Singing Rock A Bye Baby To Your Kids

  1. Sharon Karp

    Finally, someone who believes what I’ve always thought about “Rock A Bye Baby” — that it is indeed a horror story of a baby falling out of a cradle when the bough breaks in a tree, no less.
    What would a baby be doing in a tree in the first place! Babies somehow retain information even
    before they can speak and understand language and I’m sure that somehow these horrific thoughts get imbedded into their little brains, long remembered. You are so right that these nursery rhymes are precursors of horror stories. These rhymes are related to toddlers as well and even pre-schoolers who can grasp their meanings on some level.

    Jack and Jill sets them up for disaster when they fall down a hill. Poor Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep — a tearjerker. What about that unfortunate egg, Humpty Dumpty, who fell off a wall and even all the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men couldn’t put him together again. Tom, Tom, the Piper’s son stole a pig and away he “run” — thievery. And what’s with Mary taking a lamb to school, which is totally forbidden. And wasn’t Little Boy Blue neglecting his duties with
    the cows and the sheep when he fell asleep in the haystack? And Little Miss Muffet and her encounter with a spider — some kids are afraid of spiders as was Miss Muffet who fled in fear.
    I mean, really!

    These nursery rhymes are long standing. We all grew up with them and they’re part of our psyche, our repertoire, etched into our memory banks. What probably amazes me most is that apparently children haven’t questioned the potential terror attributed to these kiddie rhymes and
    they go on chanting them. Maybe it’s time for you and me to create new nursery rhymes that accentuate the positive and eliminate the terror so children can at least grow up thinking that this is a safe world. There’s plenty of time to find out otherwise.


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