It’s Not Enough To Expose Sexual Predators. We Need To Expose All Bad Behaviors

It’s good that our society is exposing the sexual predators but it’s not enough. The next step is to be whistleblowers speaking about and exposing those people in power, whether they be in the entertainment field, the media, politics or business. If there are corrupt people who are liars and thieves, breaking the law and doing unethical things, it is our responsibility to expose them and make them accountable for their bad behavior just as we are doing now with sexual predators. We need to clean up the entire global swamp. It doesn’t matter if they are celebrities, pundits or politicians that we like or who agree with our ideologies, we need to put our personal preferences aside and stick to one rule: if what someone is doing is wrong, unethical, or illegal, we need to speak up and force them to face the music.

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