May The Couch Be With You… NOT!

Don’t waste your life watching other people live theirs. Make the most of your time on the planet. Discover your passion. Explore your creativity. Express your authenticity. Push the envelope. Don’t take life laying down. Especially if you’re retired. That’s the time to start living!

One thought on “May The Couch Be With You… NOT!

  1. Sharon Karp

    There is really no excuse for anyone to be bored, to not be able to find something to do and especially when one is retired and seemingly has the time. Volunteering is always an option. I asked a friend of mine, who works because she needs the money and doesn’t seem to have a lot of other things to keep her busy, what she would do if she had the time and didn’t need the money and she told me that she would volunteer. However, many people may not be willing to make that commitment or perhaps wouldn’t have the wherewithal to give of their time in that way.

    How many times has someone bemoaned of all the things that they would love to do if only they didn’t have to work … and then they’re retired and that dangling carrot of freedom suddenly becomes boring. An ex-neighbor of ours retired and was delighted that he would be able to play golf. However, that soon became
    tiresome and he soon did some consulting work to fill up his time.

    Hobbies? Maybe. There are so many things nowadays that can be of interest to those who have the time and are still in reasonable health to find something not only to occupy their days but also to enjoy. Each person is different and sometimes one must survey different arenas to find the thing that will give them pleasure.
    To sit and watch television all day long and gripe about boredom is a sad waste of, let’s say, end of the life time.

    Painting, photography, museums, movies, collections, visits with other retired people, senior centers, etc. — the sky’s the limit
    (excluding parachuting.) Writing — well, that’s definitely not for everyone and poetry — who would ever do that!!! Good one.

    Push the envelope — what has anyone got to lose doing that.


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