Make America ROSEANNE Again

America needs the ROSEANNE show right now. We have lost our way. We are caught up in so much divisiveness and rage, we can’t seem to disagree without demonizing and attacking each other. The ROSEANNE show is a return to humor that pokes fun without churning up violence and hatred. It’s about tolerance and acceptance when we don’t agree or can’t understand where our opponents are coming from. It’s about trying to bridge our differences, unify our nation, and prosper with compassion and forgiveness rather than defeat ourselves in the long run with grievances and hostility. Roseanne’s show has reappeared at a tipping point in our culture, and I believe it will be part of the solution that heals our wounded hearts and minds. I encourage everyone to support it.

3 thoughts on “Make America ROSEANNE Again

  1. Sharon Karp

    Right on!!! Roseanne is the best show on television and the only show that reflects the real working class in real time and with authenticity. The fact that the show has been resurrected with the same cast and the same lifestyle says volumes for what this country needs and wants. Families can disagree politically but still stay sane and involved. What a tribute.

    The fantastic news is that Roseanne has brought the country — or hopefully so — back to sanity AND that it has been renewed for its 11th season with 13 more episodes. In my opinion, other shows pale in comparison. I am a diehard Roseanne supporter from Day One and watch all her re-runs constantly.

    Welcome back Roseanne! Continue to do your magic and help people to realize that we should and need to support our president and not tolerate these senseless and inappropriate potshots. Roseanne had a novel idea when she began the show and now, hopefully, she will continue to take it forward and get even naysayers on board. Roseanne — you rock!!!

  2. Justin

    Isn’t this the guy Walter that used to sit at robbells who was very hyper? Don’t give him the espresso.

    Didn’t know hes an md, that’s pretty cool.

    Un-fire/Re-hire Roseanne! We miss her


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