One thought on “Laugh More — Be Happier. Live Longer

  1. Sharon Karp

    There is absolutely no doubt that laughter is the best medicine. A sense of humor is paramount to life and, especially today, with everything that’s going on. For me personally, I can’t even imagine not having a sense of humor or not aligning myself with people who do. Even in the worst of times or the worst of situations, I can always find humor, distorted irony or something askew that is funny. It does indeed help with health and it keeps you going. Making fun of someone directly or making jokes at their expense is cruel and common sense would dictate that, but there are so many general things to ridicule and laugh over especially if you’re joking
    with like-minded people.

    Maybe having a sense of humor is genetic with some having a more developed humor gene than others but, as a whole, there’s always a certain amount of joking one can do in everyday life that make people you encounter laugh. And laughing does indeed make you a happier person and one who is more likely to be able to cope. And that’s no joke!!!


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