Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner. Love The Message, Not The Messenger

The problem with many people who profess to be devout worshipers of their religion, whatever it might be, is that they fanatically and zealously worship their God, their Guru, their whatever, but don’t worship the message. They don’t apply the principles in their lives. They don’t walk the talk, they don’t practice what their religion preaches. A tragic mistake that gives religion a bad name and doesn’t move humanity forward, towards greater compassion, communication and cooperation, which is the ultimate purpose of religion in the first place.


0 thoughts on “Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner. Love The Message, Not The Messenger

  1. David Finer

    This one should be played at the beginning of the next GOP presidential candidates’ debate for the benefit of their lunatic, hateful audience that cheers executions, deaths of uninsured people and boos gay soldiers.


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