Forgiveness, Acceptance & Love

It is extremely difficult to not be judgmental. It is extremely difficult to let go of resentments and grievances. It is extremely difficult to turn the other cheek. It is extremely difficult to forgive.

Nonetheless, these are the things we must do. These are the principles we must stand for. These are the behaviors we must role model for our family and our peers.

Indeed, if we perceive ourselves to be religious people, and our religious doctrines espouse forgiveness, acceptance and love, it is critical that we do the best we can to practice what our religions preach.

If we fail to do this, if we speak of God on Sunday and war on Monday, we can count on further conflict and confusion in our lives, and we can expect further failure rather than success.

The only way out of this war game we have created from our fear is to place no conditions on who we accept and forgive. On the contrary, we must accept and forgive everyone, no matter how badly they are behaving. We must exclude no one from our love.

If we think this is an unrealistic, Pollyanna approach and that anger, vengeance and attack will protect us and make us secure, we aren’t really thinking. We should forgive ourselves for we know not what we do.

Although, in the short run, judgment and aggression may seem to be practical and pragmatic methods for survival, in the long run they are forms of madness that will forever keep us from the enduring peace and prosperity that we desire for ourselves and our children.


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