One thought on “Forgive Your Parents

  1. Sharon Karp

    You are so right that adult children should let go of their parental hostilities from the past. Too many adult children can’t seen to relinquish all the real or imagined grievances they have from their childhood, inflicted on them by their parents. Many adult children actually rewrite their childhoods and/or events that happened blaming their parents for all the wrongs in their lives.
    What good does that do as adults? Isn’t the mark of maturity measured when adult children can
    forgive their parents and move on to have, hopefully, a good/great relationship with them? Grudges and nitpicking do no one any good.

    If adult children could be more perceptive and realize that parents do the best they can for their children under whatever circumstances are available at the time, then they would realize that no parent ever gets up in the morning and plots to screw up their kid’s life. Perhaps the only effective way an adult child can come to that realization is if their own child/children blame them for whatever happened in their childhoods and on and on. Regrettably, though, if remorse ever
    comes to an adult child for slinging harsh criticism of parenting, then perhaps it comes too late.


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