Everything is Love or a Call For Love

When you have difficulty forgiving, keep in mind that the underlying reason people attack us is because of fear and insecurity, and that what they are really doing is calling out for love. If you can appreciate this and rise above the battlefield of dueling egos, you have the opportunity to respond with compassion and forgiveness, and significantly transform the experience and the relationship.

2 thoughts on “Everything is Love or a Call For Love

  1. Margaret

    A call for love. If I look at things this way, it seems to explain away the bad emotion and transform it. Seems like an internal ‘filter’ we can choose. It feels nice to process input that comes out as positive data. We could all use more ‘positive’ in our lives and in our days. Thank you.

  2. Walter E. Jacobson

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. When we choose to see things differently and re-interpret attack as a call for love, it provides us with opportunities for healing and transformation of ourselves and others.


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