Do You Have A Fear Of Failure?

Many of us have a fear of failure. We stay in our comfort zone where we feel safe, secure, confident and comfortable. And that’s fine. But if we want more than what we’ve got, we need to be willing to push our boundaries and move out of that comfort zone. We have to be willing to risk failure, disappointment, shame, rejection, disapproval, etc. if we want to succeed. There’s no other way around it. Success comes to those who are bold and push forward despite their fear of failure. Best we go after our dreams, hope for the best and accept what comes. The best part of challenging our fear and going after our dreams is that if we succeed it can be a wonderful journey, but if we don’t succeed at least we’ll never regret having given it our best shot.

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"You may be disappointed if you fail, you are doomed if you don't try." #happiness 
Walter E Jacobson MD  @walterdoc
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