One thought on “Boy Shoots Mom With Gun – Being A Zealot Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

  1. Sharon Karp

    Well, you just can’t fix stupid. Being a zealot can be effective when it’s something that promotes a good cause or maybe a cause one believes in that won’t ultimately be destructive. Kids have no business with guns, even if they’re in the wilderness or at target practice with an adult. I’m sure very few kids have the mental acuity to handle a firearm responsibly. This mother was an idiot to leave a loaded gun in the back seat of her car where her son had, apparently, easy access to it and WHAM — he shot her. My guess is that, although she survived, there’s a good chance she will re-play her mistake. Guns are not toys yet they are treated as such. I’ve read story after story about kids getting their hands on a gun and shooting and killing a sibling, friend or parent.

    People, as a rule, don’t necessarily learn from their mistakes. I just read a story about a teen-age girl who had a car accident while texting. She escaped with scrapes and bruises and swore that she would be more careful in the future and not allow herself to be distracted. One year later, she was texting while driving, had another accident and was killed. Zealots or not, you can’t fix stupid.


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