Forgive To Win – End Self-Sabotage, Create The Life You Want!

August 22nd, 2015

Untitled-33Recently I appeared on the Dr. Don Show and talked about my book, Forgive To Win! – End Self Sabotage, Create The Life You Want! The show was divided into four parts, and then I taped a fifth segment to cover some topics from the book we didn’t get to. Here are all five parts that cover self-sabotage, why we need to forgive, why we resist forgiving, how to forgive when we resist forgiving, and the Forgiveness Diet, a daily regimen of actions that will increase your ability to effectively release anger and resentments, and forgive others. Enjoy!



How To Forgive Someone Who Keeps Abusing You

August 20th, 2015

When someone keeps abusing you and you are not able to eliminate that person from your life, you first remember that you forgive others for your own peace of mind. And then you find ways to see them differently so as to make it easier for you to forgive them.


How To Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger

August 16th, 2015

It can be said that many people have a chemical imbalance and genetic predisposition towards depression, anxiety and anger. However, there are many people where these components are not the prime movers of their conditions. Either way, the advice in this video might be helpful.


How To Succeed – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

August 12th, 2015

Don’t get discouraged and demoralized when you fall off your path. Two steps forward, one step back is the natural progression of accomplishment and success. When you fall off your bicycle, don’t beat yourself up with guilt and shame. Just jump back on the bicycle and start pedaling again. And you’ll succeed at last.


Love Is Action

August 9th, 2015

Actions speak louder than words. It is not enough to tell someone you love them. You need to show it. They need to know it. By your actions will they know it.


Five Things You Can Do Today To Change Your Life

July 26th, 2015

Make a commitment to truth, compassion, calm, acceptance and forgiveness. Put these into practice as best you can every day, unconditionally and without exceptions. If you do this consistently: happiness, health, relationships and material success will all improve.


Polluters Of The Mind

July 12th, 2015

“Merchants of Doubt” is a powerful, eye-opening documentary that everyone should see. We, the people, are victims of big money and big business brainwashing us with lies, disinformation, and vicious spin doctoring, all designed to generate grotesquely immense profits at the expense of our health and the health of our planet.


The Doctor Is Within – How To Heal Yourself

May 28th, 2015

We have all that we need to heal ourselves on the physical, emotional, spiritual and material planes. And that is to express truth, compassion and calm in all aspects of our lives. Consistently. Persistently. Without conditions and without exceptions.


How To Overcome Analysis Paralysis

May 26th, 2015

Sometimes we think too much. We over-analyze to the point where we paralyze ourselves with doubts and we end up doing nothing for fear of making the wrong decision. At some point we’ve got to have faith in our ability to deal with the choices we make, even when the outcomes aren’t what we hoped for or expected… If you liked this video, check out my book, “Forgive To Win!” at:


The Forgiveness Diet – How To Forgive To Win

May 23rd, 2015

Unconditional forgiveness is necessary. Unconditional forgiveness is extremely difficult. The Forgiveness Diet is a daily regimen of thoughts and actions to help people release judgments and resentments, embrace love and acceptance, and make forgiveness a daily habit. The Amazon Best-Seller “Forgive To Win!” can be purchased at:


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