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Board-certified psychiatrist, speaker and author of Amazon Best-Seller, Forgive To Win!

How To Deal With A Hypocrite. Be Consistent.

A hypocrite is someone who attacks other people for bad behaviors which they themselves have been guilty of, and they are unwilling or unable to acknowledge the fact that they have a double standard, that what they have said and done is okay but what the other person has said and done is not okay, is evil and unforgivable. This is wrong. We don’t have any moral high ground to instruct others how to live when we are guilty of the very same thing we are accusing them of. This behavior diminishes us and makes our argument to others hollow and meaningless. It prevents a true meeting of the minds. It is an obstacle to resolving conflict. It keeps everyone in a state of judgment and anger such that no one is at peace. The solution: Be a role model of right action. Be consistent in thoughts, words and deeds.

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping Because You Worry About Stuff?

Do you wait till you’re about to go to sleep to start worrying and scaring yourself over the difficult, anxiety-provoking issues in your life? If so, STOP IT! I don’t mean you should stop worrying, that’s okay, worrying can be helpful, but not before bedtime. Put aside a time earlier in the evening to worry about stuff and then when it’s time to go to bed you won’t have to keep yourself up worrying because you already did it! It works. Takes practice. It can be done. Personal growth is a matter of developing good habits. And so is mental health.

What Should You Do When People Tell You To Act Your Age? Be Authentic!

When people tell us to act our age it usually means they are uncomfortable with our behavior and want to shame us into stopping it. If we are doing something that is wrong, we should stop it. But if we’re doing something that is not hurting anybody and people simply don’t like that we are doing it, that’s their problem and we shouldn’t feel the need to change who we are. We should be authentic. People always have the choice to not hang out with us if our behavior makes them uncomfortable.

Why Relationships Fail?


Relationships fail due to poor communication. Rather than dealing with issues that crop up, they are swept under the rug. Resentments and grievances build. Love and consideration dissipate. Eventually the relationship is loveless and unsatisfying and people split up or stay in bad relationships. The key to successful relationships is to deal with stuff as it happens and take responsibility when you’ve done something hurtful and unloving. #validation #compassion #acceptance #selfimprovement #positivepsychology #selfactualization

Is There Any Value In Being Positive? Self-Improvement 101

Many people think that being positive is unrealistic, that when things are going bad it makes sense to be negative, cynical, pessimistic, hopeless, etc. WRONG! Regardless of the circumstances, by maintaining a positive attitude, avoiding a sense of victimhood, insisting that failure is not an option, being proactive, being open-minded, persisting and persevering, the outcomes usually always turn out better.

Thoughts Create Reality. Power of Positive Thinking. Pay Attention.

Our thoughts create our reality. Our subconscious thoughts are the prime movers of our reality manifestation. To avoid victimhood and failure, and to harness the Law of Attraction in the best possible way, it’s best that we program both our subconscious mind and our conscious mind for success, that we pay attention to our environment, that we are vigilant over our thoughts and that we maintain a positive attitude.

Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is about being afraid that when we speak people will judge us harshly, think we’re stupid, foolish, etc. Social Media Anxiety Disorder is about being afraid that when we tweet or post, people will judge us harshly, think we’re stupid, foolish, etc. What’s the best way to deal with either disorder: Tweet Others As You Wish To Be Tweeted.

Riffing On Rage, Reality, Other Stuff, Accompanied By My Dogs

What if this world that we refer to as reality is really a collective illusion, a mind game of monumental proportions so huge, so fantastical BECAUSE our minds literally can’t handle the truth about reality and that we are not bodies, we are limitless in power and peace? If it is, then when we replace our collective fear, judgment and hatred with love, acceptance and forgiveness, this nightmare we call reality will fade away, will disappear into the nothingness that it always was, and in its place will be heaven on earth. Joy. Peace. Oneness. And then I get into riffing about other stuff. I mention God here and there. No offense intended. I touch upon an inconvenient truth regarding guns. Again, no offense intended. And I ramble a bit more. All food for thought.

Do You Ask Yourself Every Morning “What’s My Motivation?”

Have you thought lately, if ever, about what you’re doing here on the planet? What your purpose is? What your mission is? Or is that a bunch of hogwash? The idea that we have some higher purpose or mission. We’re here. Like lizards. We live, we die. Ashes to ashes. Or we’re here to prove how great we are and how much money we can make or how many bridges we can build that don’t fall down. Is that it? Whatever it is, have you thought lately what your motivation is for getting up each morning and spending your time? What your priorities are each day that will get you where you think you want to go? Have you thought maybe this entire experience, this reality is an illusion, a mind game all designed as a distraction devised by our collective unconscious to delude us into believing we are bodies and victims of a chaotic universe so that we don’t take the time to discover our true Self and who we truly are? If this is true, then perhaps our mission and are goals aren’t what we think they are or should be. Who has the answer to these questions? Anybody know for sure what is really going on here? Maybe each of us does. Deep down. In the recesses of our calm mind, our stillness, perhaps we know the answer that we are not bodies, not we are part of the Light, part of the Love, part of the Oneness of All That is? Food for thought.