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Board-certified psychiatrist, speaker and author of Amazon Best-Seller, Forgive To Win!

Thoughts Create Reality. Power of Positive Thinking. Pay Attention.

Our thoughts create our reality. Our subconscious thoughts are the prime movers of our reality manifestation. To avoid victimhood and failure, and to harness the Law of Attraction in the best possible way, it’s best that we program both our subconscious mind and our conscious mind for success, that we pay attention to our environment, that we are vigilant over our thoughts and that we maintain a positive attitude.

Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is about being afraid that when we speak people will judge us harshly, think we’re stupid, foolish, etc. Social Media Anxiety Disorder is about being afraid that when we tweet or post, people will judge us harshly, think we’re stupid, foolish, etc. What’s the best way to deal with either disorder: Tweet Others As You Wish To Be Tweeted.

Riffing On Rage, Reality, Other Stuff, Accompanied By My Dogs

What if this world that we refer to as reality is really a collective illusion, a mind game of monumental proportions so huge, so fantastical BECAUSE our minds literally can’t handle the truth about reality and that we are not bodies, we are limitless in power and peace? If it is, then when we replace our collective fear, judgment and hatred with love, acceptance and forgiveness, this nightmare we call reality will fade away, will disappear into the nothingness that it always was, and in its place will be heaven on earth. Joy. Peace. Oneness. And then I get into riffing about other stuff. I mention God here and there. No offense intended. I touch upon an inconvenient truth regarding guns. Again, no offense intended. And I ramble a bit more. All food for thought.

Do You Ask Yourself Every Morning “What’s My Motivation?”

Have you thought lately, if ever, about what you’re doing here on the planet? What your purpose is? What your mission is? Or is that a bunch of hogwash? The idea that we have some higher purpose or mission. We’re here. Like lizards. We live, we die. Ashes to ashes. Or we’re here to prove how great we are and how much money we can make or how many bridges we can build that don’t fall down. Is that it? Whatever it is, have you thought lately what your motivation is for getting up each morning and spending your time? What your priorities are each day that will get you where you think you want to go? Have you thought maybe this entire experience, this reality is an illusion, a mind game all designed as a distraction devised by our collective unconscious to delude us into believing we are bodies and victims of a chaotic universe so that we don’t take the time to discover our true Self and who we truly are? If this is true, then perhaps our mission and are goals aren’t what we think they are or should be. Who has the answer to these questions? Anybody know for sure what is really going on here? Maybe each of us does. Deep down. In the recesses of our calm mind, our stillness, perhaps we know the answer that we are not bodies, not we are part of the Light, part of the Love, part of the Oneness of All That is? Food for thought.

Make America ROSEANNE Again

America needs the ROSEANNE show right now. We have lost our way. We are caught up in so much divisiveness and rage, we can’t seem to disagree without demonizing and attacking each other. The ROSEANNE show is a return to humor that pokes fun without churning up violence and hatred. It’s about tolerance and acceptance when we don’t agree or can’t understand where our opponents are coming from. It’s about trying to bridge our differences, unify our nation, and prosper with compassion and forgiveness rather than defeat ourselves in the long run with grievances and hostility. Roseanne’s show has reappeared at a tipping point in our culture, and I believe it will be part of the solution that heals our wounded hearts and minds. I encourage everyone to support it.

You Owe Me An Apology!

If we have to tell someone that they owe us an apology, then that someone is really missing the boat and we need to look closer at the relationship and at our communication skills. Any apology we might get after insisting we’re owed one is likely to be a hollow victory, not satisfying, and leave everyone resentful.

It’s Hard Enough To Change Ourselves Let Alone To Change Others

We’re all very busy posting, tweeting and sharing, much of it designed to change the minds of others. This is understandable but not the best use of our time because change is extremely difficult even when we are motivated. So to try to change people to see things our way who aren’t particularly motivated to do so has some degree of futility embedded in it. Better perhaps if we use our time to try to change our own minds, to try to get our own house in order. We are the only ones who we have any real control over. And perhaps if we do manage to change and improve ourselves it will be reflected in everything we do and rub off on those around us.

A Message To Jim Carrey and Riffing On Other Stuff Too

I have loved Jim Carrey’s work for decades. I have admired and respected him, particularly for what I perceived to be a spiritual path he was on. Consequently, his recent onslaught of personal artwork brutally attacking Trump and others around him has concerned me. Not because he is attacking Trump and others around him. But simply because he is ATTACKING. This is contrary to the spiritual path I believe he had embraced. And so I see these attacks of his as a descent into Ego and Darkness, which will keep him from Inner Peace. And so this video message is an attempt to encourage him to put aside his rage and find a non-violent way to share his concern for humanity under Trump’s regime.

Is The Body Real or Are We Stuck In A Holographic Illusion?

There is an expression in “A Course In Miracles” that “Only the Mind can be sick. Only the Mind is in need of healing.” The premise is that we are not a victim of our bodies but rather that we invented our bodies, and that we attack our bodies with diseases and maladies because our Mind at an unconscious level is filled with guilt, shame and self-loathing. This is a massive oversimplification. Will likely seem like total nonsense. But keep in mind that Elon Musk has put forth the idea that we live in a holographic universe. So I’m not by any means alone in pondering the complexities of consciousness. As Groucho Marx once said, “Keep an open mind. But not so open that your brains fall out.”

Time To Stop Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water

I posted a photo of Mahatma Gandhi dancing. Someone commented that he slept naked with young girls so “He’s not my role model.” This is emblematic of what is going on today. Throwing the baby out with the bath water. If we identify a bad behavior in someone, we don’t simply point it out and ask them to take responsibility for it, we also totally demonize them, negate any positive contribution to society that they made, and focus on that one bad act as the sum total of who they are as a human being. This is wrong. Gandhi in many ways is an excellent role model. Obviously, not when it comes to sleeping in bed naked with young girls. But if we’re willing to put our rage and harsh judgment aside we might see there is great value in examining the sum total of his life, there is much to learn and grow from. And this tends to be true for most of the people we demonize and attack ferociously on a daily basis.