Are You Someone Who Never Says They’re Sorry?

In many relationships there are partners who are unwilling to admit when they’re wrong and say they’re sorry. As resentments build over this, the relationship often deteriorates. Consequently, if you want a satisfying, sustainable relationship, take ownership of your mistakes, apologize and make amends.

2 thoughts on “Are You Someone Who Never Says They’re Sorry?

  1. Sharon Karp

    Many people do feel that saying they’re sorry is a sign of weakness and so they withhold any apologies no matter that they are totally at fault. Some people are just plain stubborn and refuse to apologize on principle alone. That does not help a relationship. In some cases, though, the person who seemingly owes an apology really might not feel at fault and therefore, doesn’t feel that he owes the apology even if the other person is persistent that he/she does. That’s a sticky wicket. However, to me anyway, I feel that it is far more gratifying to own up to whatever has been done and say “I’m sorry” and truly mean it. It’s very freeing and actually can make the apologizer feel better about him/herself and renew the relationship by taking responsibility for the words or actions that have led up to the said apology.

    It’s amazing that two little words like “I’m sorry” can cause such disagreement and stress and entangle a relationship further.
    There is a saying that it’s easier to say “I’m sorry” than to ask for permission. Maybe there’s a whole class of people who travel down that road. In that case, saying “I’m sorry” would be a breeze!!!


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