Anger Hurts Everyone. Try Not Expressing Your Anger For Just One Day

Anger is very popular. A lot of people engage in angry outbursts of one form or another every day. Anger can be channeled productively. But, for the most part, anger is a very destructive force. It is self-destructive. It destroys relationships. It gets people fired. It gets people divorced. It gets people into accidents, fights and injuries. It’s just bad news. And it has a ripple effect on the rest of the world, increasing its fear, paranoia and hostility. What’s one to do? STOP IT! Recognize when you’re angry and find a better way than your default way of expressing it. Now try not being angry for just ONE DAY and see what that feels like. See how people respond to you. See the power of staying calm and non-reactive. See the stabilizing force in all aspects of your life when you re-direct your anger in healthy ways.

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