If It’s Broke, Fix It: Pay Attention To Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Whether or not you believe spiritual principles can lead you towards material success of moving mountains proportions is an issue you’re entitled to debate. But it would be a mistake to debate whether or not your self-sabotaging behaviors are getting in the way of your success. Look at the stuff of your day. Look at the choices you make. Look at the things you do that either propel you forward or keep you stuck. Eliminating even one self-sabotaging behavior can be very empowering and self-actualizing. Do it now.

2 thoughts on “If It’s Broke, Fix It: Pay Attention To Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

  1. robert puff

    it is very beautiful and nice site.This is a great article to remind all bloggers .this is a very great and nice article. What is happiness? Asking someone to define happiness is like asking him/her to define success


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